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​​​​​​If you thought 20th Century golf innovations like metal woods, Urethane balls, GPS, The Golf Channel and Internet changed the way golf is played, you ain’t  seen nothin’ yet.

GOLFEST America and GolfSoftware  a pair of golf passionate companies are collaborating to pave ways for playing golf in the 21st Century, hardly imaginable until their technologies and systems blended.


Your far away golf buddy and you can fairly compete on separate courses anytime. Or, your company golf outing includes all the branch offices on the same day on separate courses. Or, your worthy cause can raise even more money by including far away chapters in golf events.

You don’t have to imagine that anymore.  It’s real and here at GOLFEST America.

 Click Here      and join.

 It’s free, fun and full of golf events, competitions, awards, and promotions.  

Most importantly, thanks to the USGA’s slope and rating of golf courses and GolfSoftware's breakthrough software it is fair and equitable.  It can all happen in real time and be fully transparent to every player.

GOLFEST America is led by the Founding ESPN executive producer. a renowned science and technology leader, a PGA Section president and former PGA Tour competitor, a Cisco Systems networking expert and a philanthropy leader.

21st Century Golf !

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